MicroDish BV

MicroDish BV is a SME founded in the Netherlands (2008) dedicated to improving microbial culture through the design, manufacture and use of microengineered culture chips and nanoscale reagents.

To this end, MicroDish makes direct sales of the MicroDish Culture Chips (MDCC) and is involved in co-development projects with industrial and academic partners. MicroDish also undertakes service contracts.

MicroDish seeks to build productive strategic partnerships with complementary technology providers and both commercial and academic organizations to achieve these aims.


Chief Executive Officer (ad interim) – Dr. Peter van Gelderen is an active entrepreneur within the European cleantech and biotech sectors. Next to his role in Microdish, he is a non-executive Board Member in BioActor BV, Ensartech BV and i-RES BV. Peter has a PhD in theoretical physics.

Chief Scientific Officer – Dr. Colin Ingham is an inventor of the technology and winner of the Zilveren Zandloper prize for Biotechnology in 2008 for this effort.

Scientist – Dr. Zalan Szabo has a PhD in Molecular Microbiology, which he received from the University of Groningen. He is an expert on hyperthermophilic archaea. He joined MicroDish in 2011 mainly focusing on the biodiscovery of specialty enzymes.

Bioinformatician – Dr. Philip de Groot holds a PhD in chemometrics from the Radboud University Nijmegen. He has extensive experience as bioinformatician and worked, inter alia, at the AMC Amsterdam and the Nutrigenomics Consortium (Wageningen UR). During this period, Philip contributed to several major bioinformatics programmes and advised the European Nutrigenomics Organisation. Philip joined MicroDish in November 2012.

Scientist – Dr. Odette Perez has a PhD from Wageningen University with expertise in antibiotic resistance.

Scientific Advisor – Prof. Willem M. de Vos is a highly cited expert in gut and food microbiology. He won the prestigious Spinoza prize for outstanding contributions to Dutch science in 2008. Willem was also rewarded with the prize of the most innovative professor in the Netherlands in 2010.

Scientific Advisor – Dr. Rop Zoetemeyer currently after retirement serves as Senior Technology Advisor of Purac after being the Chief Technology Officer for 12 years. Purac is a business group within the Euronext listed company CSM NV. Rop has extensive expertise in bio-based technologies ranging from technology development to production scale up.